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15/10/2019 News

Cash Back App and Total partner to bring rewards

Cash back pic

TOTAL Zimbabwe in partnership with Cashback App Africa launched a pilot loyalty program in 8 service stations in Harare. These include; TOTAL Newlands, Chisipite, Helensvale, Avondale, Emerald Hill, Samora 1 & 2 and Westgate.

Cashback app is a mobile-based loyalty program present in over 20 countries globally. The loyalty app rewards customers with cash and other rewards for every payment they make at participating outlets. Merchants benefit from increased sales, loyalty and customer information.

The loyalty program is particularly aimed at customers who purchase at TOTAL Bonjour stores. The customer who uses their Ecocash wallet to purchase at Bonjour will then be awarded points based on the discounts being offered. After accumulating a minimum of 20 points the customer has a choice to transfer those points as cash to their wallet or to purchase instore using the accumulated points.

Once the pilot stage is complete, the desire is to roll this loyalty program out into more stations nationwide.